List of official Trails in Seychelles In Seychelles, you can find both official and unofficial walking trails. Official trails are typically indicated with clear signage, and their paths are well-maintained and marked. On the other hand, unofficial trails lack directional signs, and their paths may not be regularly maintained. Therefore, before embarking on any trail, […]

Saturday Sports Camp for kids Parents can now instill an active lifestyle in their children with the introduction of a Saturday Sports Camp for kids aged 7 and above. In an era where many children gravitate towards screens, this initiative aims to combat the lack of physical activity by engaging youngsters in outdoor pursuits. The […]

Heineken Funfish Slam launches 2024 sports fishing season The 2024 Seychelles sports fishing season is expected to be another packed one, with numerous events for local sports fishing enthusiasts, kicking off with the Heineken Funfish Slam Tournament in January. Set for January 27, the tournament, which always launches the season into the new year, will […]

Nature Trail 2024 Returns to Seychelles The Seychelles Nature Trail is set to make its comeback in 2024, organized by S.N. This year’s edition is scheduled for May 11, following the success of the inaugural event held last year. The anticipation is high, with hopes that the 2024 edition will surpass the achievements of its […]

Nid D’aigle Nature Trail Seychelles – La Digue Island Nid D’aigle Nature Trail Seychelles is a circular trail on La Digue Island. This trail is well-known for birding and hiking enthusiasts, yet during quieter times of the day, you can relish moments of solitude. Length: 1.06km Duration: +-30min Difficulty: Medium Location: La Digue Island About […]

Anse Songe Nature Trail Seychelles – La Digue Island Anse Songe Nature Trail Seychelles is a short trail features mostly coastal vegetation. Nothing on the beach captures attention quite like the hand-carved appearance of the rock formations. These granitic rock features have achieved iconic status, considering that Seychelles stands not only as the sole oceanic […]

Morne Seychellois Nature Trail Seychelles – Mahe Island This trail guides you to the highest peak in Seychelles. This high-difficulty level path predominantly involves steep ascents, traverses streams, and passes through old cinnamon plantations. It serves as a habitat for a diverse range of endemic species. Length: 2.3 km Duration: +- 3 Hours Difficulty: Very-High Location: Located on […]

Glacis Noire Nature Trail – Praslin Island Situated within Praslin National Park, this path guides you to a fire lookout tower, affording breathtaking vistas of Praslin’s eastern coastline, along with a splendid perspective of La Digue and the neighboring islands. Along the trail, you may also encounter a diverse range of native wildlife, including the […]

Copolia Nature Trail Seychelles – Mahe Island Copolia Nature Trail Seychelles is one of the few spectacular mountaintop hikes in beautiful Seychelles with an absolutely fantastic bird’s eye view of the mysteriously exotic blue Indian Ocean overlooking the east coast of the main island up to the country’s International Airport. You can also spot the […]

Ros Sodyer / Rock Pool Seychelles – Mahe Island This remarkable geological wonder can be found along the rugged shoreline of Mahé Island. Known as a saltwater tidal pool, it ebbs and flows with the ocean’s tide. Referred to as “Ros Sodyer” officially, this natural marvel is entirely a product of nature’s forces, with no […]

Trois Frères Nature Trail Seychelles – Mahe Island The trail culminates at a breathtaking vantage point that offers a stunning panorama of the capital, Victoria. This one-hour path traverses through a village, a forested area, and the distinctive glacis terrain, housing a diverse array of endemic species. Length: 1.4km Duration: 45-60min one way Difficulty: Medium-Hard […]

Glacis La Reserve Nature Trail Seychelles – Mahe Island Glacis La Reserve Nature Trail is a short hike that gives you the experience of the southern part of Mahe Island. You get to walk through old plantations that move into the forest, beautiful pathways between green and lush vegetation. Once you reach the beautiful open landscape […]

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