Anse Songe Nature Trail Seychelles

Written by on 13th November 2023

Anse Songe Nature Trail Seychelles – La Digue Island

Anse Songe Nature Trail Seychelles is a short trail features mostly coastal vegetation. Nothing on the beach captures attention quite like the hand-carved appearance of the rock formations. These granitic rock features have achieved iconic status, considering that Seychelles stands not only as the sole oceanic island globally but also as one of the oldest islands on Earth.

Length: 1km
Duration: +-30min
Difficulty: Low
Location: La Digue Island

About the Route

The trail spans approximately one kilometer and ascends to an altitude of 28 meters in the Grand Anse District, making it one of the easiest trails on La Digue. The latter part of the route follows the coastline, offering a picturesque scene with the radiant sun and soft white sand beneath your feet.

Embark on your journey at the conclusion of Grand Anse’s main road. On the right side, you’ll encounter the welcome board for Anse Songe. The trail meanders beneath a canopy of Takamaka and Bodamier trees before opening up to a clear area where an abandoned house stands. Featuring a blend of coastal forest and open clearings adorned with vines like morning glory (Ipomoea pes-caprae), it’s essential to stick to the path as the surrounding terrain is primarily marshland covered in vines.

After navigating through the swamp, you’ll encounter a set of steps leading to fascinating rock formations. Continuing parallel to a stream named Rivier Anse Songe, the trail emerges from the canopy, revealing a breathtaking view of the beach embellished with granite boulders.

Make a right turn along the coast until you reach the sandy beach. Here, you’ll witness the waves crashing against the eroding limestone, guiding you to the trail’s conclusion marked by a signboard.

How to get there?

Starting from the La Passe jetty, head towards the right, passing by the Fish Trap Restaurant. Follow the main road situated on the plateau. The initial junction, around 900 meters from the jetty, comes right after Gregoire’s Supermarket. Take a left at this junction, passing through the Veuve Reserve until you reach another intersection, where you should now make a right turn.

You now have approximately 2 kilometers to cover. The road gradually ascends to an altitude of 63 meters before descending on the other side, leading you to Grand Anse beach. At this point, the pavement ends, and the road transforms into a combination of sand and soil, which can become muddy during the rainy seasons.

Caution is advised: Due to the steep start of the trail, ensure you have suitable hiking boots, a hat, and an ample supply of water. The weather can get intensely hot, and humidity levels are high.

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Source of information – Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority 

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