Morne Seychellois Nature Trail Seychelles

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Morne Seychellois Nature Trail Seychelles – Mahe Island

This trail guides you to the highest peak in Seychelles. This high-difficulty level path predominantly involves steep ascents, traverses streams, and passes through old cinnamon plantations. It serves as a habitat for a diverse range of endemic species.

Length: 2.3 km
Duration: +- 3 Hours
Difficulty: Very-High
Location: Located on Sans Soucis Road
Main Attractions: The country’s highest peak, High Endemism, Ecology.
Entrance Fee: Rs250 (must be accompanied by a licensed tour guide) for non-residents above 12 years (Visiting the trails are free for residents and non-residents below 12 years. )

About the Route

The trail commences with an ascent near a river, which supplies water to a dam downstream. From that point forward, it transforms into a steep climb through the forest. The initial viewpoint, offering a scenic vista of the capital, Victoria, allows for a brief rest. Continuing uphill involves navigating granite boulders, and as you reach the site of the old cinnamon plantation, the terrain becomes gentler.

Prior to the last stretch of the climb, you’ll encounter a clearing where you can admire the endemic Begonia with its exquisite white flowers at your feet. To reach Seychelles’ highest peak, the final leg demands a steep ascent through the misty forest, featuring moss-covered trees. And there you have it, at the summit, you’ll be rewarded with an awe-inspiring panoramic view!

How to get there?

From the capital Victoria, take the Sans Soucis Road for about 6km. You will notice sign boards and a ticket office. You will only be able to hike this trail under the guidance of a licensed tour guide for Morne Seychellois Nature Trail Seychelles. You can park your car near the ticket office.

Did you know?

Seychelles Scops Owl (Otus insularis) – The eyes are large and golden yellow. The ear-tufts are very small. Its call, which sounds like a rasping “whaugh” with various “tok tok” notes, can be heard from a far distance and in particular in the darkness. Its diet consists of geckos, tree frogs and insects (e.g. locusts).

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Source of information – Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority 

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