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Annual Festivals in Seychelles Do you know how Seychelles is not just about stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters? It’s also packed with vibrant festivals that give you a taste of its rich culture and traditions! Locals and visitors come together to celebrate in the most colourful and lively ways. Here are some of the festivals […]

Saturday Sports Camp for kids Parents can now instill an active lifestyle in their children with the introduction of a Saturday Sports Camp for kids aged 7 and above. In an era where many children gravitate towards screens, this initiative aims to combat the lack of physical activity by engaging youngsters in outdoor pursuits. The […]

Nid D’aigle Nature Trail Seychelles – La Digue Island Nid D’aigle Nature Trail Seychelles is a circular trail on La Digue Island. This trail is well-known for birding and hiking enthusiasts, yet during quieter times of the day, you can relish moments of solitude. Length: 1.06km Duration: +-30min Difficulty: Medium Location: La Digue Island About […]

Anse Songe Nature Trail Seychelles – La Digue Island Anse Songe Nature Trail Seychelles is a short trail features mostly coastal vegetation. Nothing on the beach captures attention quite like the hand-carved appearance of the rock formations. These granitic rock features have achieved iconic status, considering that Seychelles stands not only as the sole oceanic […]

Morne Seychellois Nature Trail Seychelles – Mahe Island This trail guides you to the highest peak in Seychelles. This high-difficulty level path predominantly involves steep ascents, traverses streams, and passes through old cinnamon plantations. It serves as a habitat for a diverse range of endemic species. Length: 2.3 km Duration: +- 3 Hours Difficulty: Very-High Location: Located on […]

Glacis Noire Nature Trail – Praslin Island Situated within Praslin National Park, this path guides you to a fire lookout tower, affording breathtaking vistas of Praslin’s eastern coastline, along with a splendid perspective of La Digue and the neighboring islands. Along the trail, you may also encounter a diverse range of native wildlife, including the […]

Natural History Museum in Seychelles (Currently Closed for renovations)  The Seychelles Natural History Museum stands as a shining symbol of the nation’s abundant natural and historical heritage. This museum weaves a captivating narrative of Seychelles’ plant life, wildlife, geology, and anthropology, offering an immersive exploration of the island’s exceptional biodiversity. This cultural institution represents a […]

The National Museum of History of Seychelles The National Museum of History  has the responsibility of acquiring, safeguarding, and presenting historical artifacts for the public’s benefit. Its exhibits showcase the rich history of Seychelles and feature ethnologically significant objects that offer a glimpse into traditions and ways of life from bygone eras. The primary mission […]

Skydiving In Seychelles If you are someone who looks for a bit of excitement while on holiday rather than chilling on the beach, then skydiving in Seychelles could be for you. Fly Seychelles is the premier skydiving and water sports centre in Seychelles. Located on Praslin on the fine, powdery-white sand of the Cote d’Or […]

Horse Trails in Seychelles Make your top bucket list dream come true… The islands of Seychelles are known for their wild and exotic beaches. On Horseback you will have a great way to explore and experience the World’s oldest oceanic granitic islands. The Horse Trails in Seychelles is situated in Barbarons District, Mahe Island, and […]

Golf in Seychelles Seychelles is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys playing golf. Its beautiful landscapes and impeccable courses make it an ideal choice for both amateur and professional golf players. Tee-offs are surrounded by lush vegetation, forests, mountains, pristine beaches, and the mighty Indian ocean. The archipelago is home to two courses on two […]

TEMPORARY BREAK IN YOGA SESSIONS AT PARADISE CHALETS YOGA AND WELLNESS Looking for Yoga in Paradise! Yoga and Wellness in Seychelles at Paradise Chalets   Picture yourself on a beach, with the sun gently rising or setting on the horizon, casting a warm glow over the tranquil waters. The soft, powdery sand beneath your feet […]

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