Trois Frères Nature Trail Seychelles

Written by on 7th June 2023

Trois Frères Nature Trail Seychelles – Mahe Island

The trail culminates at a breathtaking vantage point that offers a stunning panorama of the capital, Victoria. This one-hour path traverses through a village, a forested area, and the distinctive glacis terrain, housing a diverse array of endemic species.

Length: 1.4km
Duration: 45-60min one way
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Location: On Sans Soucis Rd
Entrance Fee: SCR 150/- for non-residents above 12 years (Visiting the trails are free for residents and non-residents below 12 years. )
Main Attractions: Beautiful view over Victoria, Pitcher Plant, Ecology


About the Route

The initial segment of the trail winds through a forest primarily populated by exotic tree species, enveloping you in the presence of towering trees. In certain stretches, this woodland transitions into thickets of Cocoplum, offering a clear vantage point to behold your first panoramic glimpse of the East coast and the international airport.

Continuing along the trail’s second phase, you’ll find yourself amidst a mixture of forested terrain, where endemic palms (Latanier) and screw pines (Vacoa) make their appearance. Finally, the trail leads you through a smooth rocky slope known as a “glacis.” Ascending this section, a brief detour on the right guides you to the stunning and renowned carnivorous Pitcher Plant. Rejoining the main path, your journey progresses upwards until you reach a flat expanse, where the path diverges.

To the left, the trail extends toward the Trois Frères’ Cross, but it is not suitable for hiking, rendering it inaccessible. To the right, the flat path guides you to a shelter perched on the edge of the cliff. From this vantage point, you can savor a sweeping panoramic vista that encompasses Victoria, the East coast, and the distant islands. Your return journey follows the same path you initially took.

How to get there?

From the capital Victoria, take the Sans Soucis Road for about 6km. You will notice sign boards and a ticket office. Buy your ticket here. You can park your car near the ticket office.

Did you know?

Adventure junkies can go beyond the endpoint of this trail to scale to the Trois Frères Cross which is located at a higher altitude, but this is advised only for experienced hikers. Many years ago a catholic pilgrimage has been held there for many years during the Easter celebrations. The Cross is a traditional pilgrimage site for the catholic community on Good Friday.

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Source of information – Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority 

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  1. Fiona   On   13th June 2022 at 7:05 AM

    Did this wallk yesterday with friends. The beginning was easy but heading to the top was tough going . Espically with my little legs !!!!

    The very top is a lot of big rocks and would advise you go with friends for safety. But reaching the cross at the top gives amazing views. A tough hike but worth it

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