Copolia Trail Length: 1.6km Duration: 45 mins one way Difficulty: Easy to Medium Location: Sans Souci Road, Morne Seychellois National Park, Victoria Entrance Fee: SCR100 for non-residents. Copolia Trial is one of the few spectacular mountaintop hikes in beautiful Seychelles with an absolutely fantastic bird’s eye view of the mysteriously exotic blue Indian Ocean overlooking […]

Ros Sodyer / Rock Pool Length: 1.1km Duration: 20-30min one way Difficulty: Easy to Medium Location: Anse Takamaka Beach south Mahe at Chez Batista Villas parking The saltwater tidal rock pool on the rocky coast of Mahé Island is a geological formation that fills up when the tide rises. During low tide, you can swim […]

Length: 1.4km Duration: 30-45min one way Difficulty: Medium Location: On Sans Soucis Rd Glacis Trois Frères Trail From the residential area, the path goes left into the forest. It then goes uphill and through a moderate slope. One of the first overlooks is located on the right, and it offers a view of the Victoria […]

Glacis La Reserve Nature Trail Glacis La Reserve Nature Trail is a short hike that gives you the experience of the southern part of Mahe Island. You get to walk through old plantations that move into the forest, beautiful pathways between green and lush vegetation. Once you reach the beautiful open landscape of rock formations […]

Anse Major Nature Trail Length: 2.4km Duration: 45-60min one way Difficulty: Easy Location: Southern end of Bel Ombre Road, Mahe Island   This trail gives you the combined experience of hiking with relaxation on a secluded jungle beach at the end of the trail. The coastal path is situated about 50 m above sea level. […]

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