Anse Major Nature Trail Seychelles

Written by on 3rd October 2023

Anse Major Nature Trail Seychelles – Mahe Island

Anse Major Nature Trail Seychelles gives you the combined experience of hiking with relaxation on a secluded jungle beach at the end of the trail. The coastal path is situated about 70 m above sea level. A cross the sea on your right, Silhouette island and North island are your distant companions.

Length: 2.4km
Duration: 45-60min one way
Difficulty: Easy-Meduim
Location: Southern end of Bel Ombre Road, Mahe Island
Main Attractions: Rocky landscape, Coastal views, Beach
Entrance Fee: SCR150/- for non-residents above 12 years (Visiting the trails are free for residents and non-residents below 12 years. )

About the Route

The Trail meanders through undulating slopes of solid granite rock, intermingled with patches of dense woodland, expansive open areas, quaint river valleys, and rugged exposed rocky ridges. These rugged paths have been meticulously paved, graced with the presence of charming little bridges scattered throughout.

As you gaze across the shimmering sea to your right, Silhouette Island and North Island stand as unwavering companions in the distance, providing a beautiful picture to your journey.

Approximately three-quarters of the way along the trail, you’ll encounter “Ros Legliz,” a captivating cave sculpted by colossal boulders that joined forces in the distant past, forming a unique and captivating natural wonder.

Throughout your trek, the landscape is dominated by an array of endemic and indigenous plant species, adding to the trail’s natural beauty and ecological richness.

As you approach the trail’s conclusion, a breathtaking sight awaits you: Anse Major, a stunning bay embraced by lush, forest-clad mountains, serves as your ultimate destination, a true natural masterpiece to behold.

How to get there?

Taking the Bel Ombre-Danzil Road, follow the road uphill for about 200m. Take the right at the fork in the road passing through the settlement of Danzil and following the yellow route markers.

Did you know?

The “Anse” (which means beach in Creole) is situated at the mouth of a stream called Rivière Major, hence the name Anse Major.

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