Month: May 2022

St. Paul’s Cathedral  A beautiful little church with a heroic story to tell. It might seem odd that the church was built between 2000 and 2004, but this is where the story gets interesting: it was built in the original place of the Church that was built there before. The site on which the new […]

Sailing in Seychelles  What better way to enjoy and experience it all than under sail, with the wind behind you and the azure blue Indian Ocean in front of you while cruising the inner islands of Seychelles.  Most of the islands are less than 30 nautical miles apart, making it comfortable to sail from one […]

Water Sports Activities in Seychelles With over a million square kilometres of water, it’s no surprise that there are various water activities to try in Seychelles. This island nation has plenty of Water Sports activities for both locals and tourists. All over the islands of Seychelles, most hotels and water sports companies based on certain […]

Flying the world solo: 16-year-old ‘MackSolo’ arrives in Seychelles Why wait? You can achieve your dream even before you turn 18 years old, says a young pilot on a mission to break a world record after landing in Seychelles, one of the countries he is visiting on his solo quest. Setting out to become the […]

(Seychelles News Agency) – Seychelles is celebrating its African heritage through a series of activities that kicked off on Wednesday, May 25, to coincide with Africa Day. This year’s four-day event was launched by the Secretary General of the Seychelles National Institute of Culture, Heritage and the Arts, David Andre, in an evening filled with African […]

In some of the stories we’ve heard about these creatures, they’re described as being slow and plodding, and they’re also occasionally obsessed with pizza, ninjitsu, and news reporters.   We are, of course, talking about Turtles!   World Turtle’s Day has been celebrated on May 23rd every year since 1990. This celebration aims to bring awareness […]

First Seychellois on European Trial in Marseille In October 2021 Hoareau was named captain of his school football team in Mont Fleuri. AND NOW is currently on trial at Olympique de Marseille, one of the biggest clubs in France and Europe! This is a first for Seychelles!  September 2021, young Lorenzo Hoareau was called up to the senior […]

(Seychelles News Agency) – SeyBrew, the flagship brand of Seychelles Breweries, has won a gold award in the International Lager category of the African Beer Cup, the company said on Tuesday. The iconic beer brand also clinched third overall in the competition for the title of Best Beer in Africa out of 251 beers by an expert panel during […]

(Seychelles News Agency) – Conservationists and eco-tourists on Fregate Island in Seychelles are now able to use a phone app to track the movements of Mario and Norbert, two Aldabra giant tortoises, following the recent tagging of the giant reptiles with GPS trackers. The island’s deputy conservation manager, Anna Zora, told SNA that the conservation […]

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