On & Under the Sea

Sailing in Seychelles  What better way to enjoy and experience it all than under sail, with the wind behind you and the azure blue Indian Ocean in front of you while cruising the inner islands of Seychelles.  Most of the islands are less than 30 nautical miles apart, making it comfortable to sail from one […]

Water Sports Activities in Seychelles With over a million square kilometres of water, it’s no surprise that there are various water activities to try in Seychelles. This island nation has plenty of Water Sports activities for both locals and tourists. All over the islands of Seychelles, most hotels and water sports companies based on certain […]

Kitesurfing in Seychelles Aside from its beaches, Seychelles also boasts a wide variety of water sports activities. One of its favorites and where people from all over the world come to experience kitesurfing. What is Kitesurfing? Kitesurfers glide across the top of the waves on a board that’s similar in size and shape to a […]

Fishing in Seychelles   Introduction Thousands of recreational and sports fishermen from around the world flock to these waters each year to catch the world’s best-known fish. Some of these include the striped bonito, bonefish, giant guitarfish, bigeye trevally, bluefin trevally, giant trevally, moustache grouper, humpheadmaori wrasse, and dogtooth tuna.  The waters off the coast […]

Diving in Seychelles The islands of Seychelles are known for their crystal-clear waters and beautiful coral reefs. This region is ideal for scuba and free diving enthusiasts as it offers them a variety of underwater attractions. The vibrant underwater scenery of Seychelles makes it one of the best places to scuba and free dive in […]

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