Regatta 50 Festival Stall Registration Round Table Seychelles are now officially open for Stall Registration at Regatta 50 Festival  – Regatta is back, bigger and better than ever! Want to be a part of the Regatta50 Experience this year? Round Table Seychelles is looking for experienced food vendors to keep their 50,000+ Regatta goers fueled […]

Creole Buffet at Boat House Restaurant The famous Creole Buffet at Boat House Restaurant – For anyone wanting to have the ultimate Seychelles culinary experience with the most idyllic beach backdrop, the vibey open-aired Boat House Restaurant located in Beau Vallon Bay is the ideal setting.  Every day from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm, there […]

Regatta 50 Festival Seychelles 2023 The wait is over as the most anticipated event is returning to Seychelles after four years!!! The 50th edition of the Round Table Seychelles’ Regatta Festival will take place from the 25th to the 27th of August 2023. Promising three days of unlimited entertainment and good vibes. Save the date […]

21st April 2023

Earth Day – 22 April 2023 Every year on 22 April, Earth Day is celebrated in order to educate and encourage society to collectively work towards maintaining the health and well-being of our planet. This involves emphasis being placed on important issues such as pollution, deforestation, climate change and plastic waste and consequently, the implementation […]

The Boardwalk Latino Thursdays – Inside Seychelles   Looking for something new to try and get you on your feet? Do you want to spice up your dance moves and social life? Take a trip to Latin America without leaving the Boardwalk dance floor for The Boardwalk Latino Thursdays.  The Boardwalk, Eden Island Plaza, hosts […]

TOP 5 Things to Do in Au Cap Looking for things to do in Au Cap? We have listed below the TOP 5 Things to do in Au Cap, Seychelles. Au Cap is a residential area with beautiful shallow warm beaches, a few guesthouses, and some local shops and restaurants. The district is known for […]

Join the march and campaign to rid Seychelles of animal cruelty. Last week in Seychelles, sadly many dogs, strays and pets were poisoned in a cruel act to rid the streets of stray dogs. These poor dogs suffered from a barbaric painful death, puppies were left to fend for themselves and family pets were lost. […]

LinkUp Taxi Mobile App Service Seychelles’ taxi services are expected to become more streamlined and competitive with the launch of a new mobile app called LinkUp Taxi Mobile App Service. Currently, Seychelles does not have a central call centre or a taxi service company that can help people order a taxi. Instead, its drivers work […]

Eid Getaway in Seychelles UAE Eid 2023 Holidays – Get 9 Days off by taking only 3 days of annual leave & visit Seychelles for a Visa Free Getaway. Are you planning a getaway during the UAE Eid 2023 Holidays? After conducting thorough research, we can tell you that you can get 9 days off […]

Untitled 3 Art Exhibition 27th January – 11th March 2023 The first art exhibition of the year for Arterial Network Seychelles is called “Untitled 3,” which provides artists with the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work. Over 40 works of art are currently on display at the exhibition, which features various mediums such as […]

Seychelles takes another step forward towards waste segregation (Seychelles News Agency) – Waste segregation is to expanding in Seychelles as the environment ministry has received a batch of sorting bins that will be placed in public areas with the aim of further improving the country’s waste management system. On Friday, Seychelles Breweries made a donation of 21 SeyPearl-branded 240-litre sorting bins that […]

Register Your Drone with SCAA   In Seychelles, drone users are urged to respect the guidelines and register their aircraft with Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA).  Due to the increasing number of drone users in Seychelles, the country’s SCAA started to issue regulations in March last year. These regulations are designed to help prevent unauthorized […]

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