Stop Animal Cruelty March

Written by on 9th April 2023

Join the march and campaign to rid Seychelles of animal cruelty.

Last week in Seychelles, sadly many dogs, strays and pets were poisoned in a cruel act to rid the streets of stray dogs.

These poor dogs suffered from a barbaric painful death, puppies were left to fend for themselves and family pets were lost.

There are many humane ways to deal with stray animal situations and a march has been planned at the stadium in town from  Wednesday 19th April at 3 pm through Victoria to give a voice to these animals.

Many tourists fall in love with dogs they meet whilst on holiday and there are adoption schemes, helping dogs find new lives with loving homes overseas.

Show your support. You can add your name to the petition – click here

The march starts at the stadium in Victoria at 3 pm on 19th




if you want to find out more about what happened to these poor animals or how you can help and support, check out the sspca facebook page


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