LinkUp Taxi Mobile App Service

Written by on 26th February 2023

LinkUp Taxi Mobile App Service

Seychelles’ taxi services are expected to become more streamlined and competitive with the launch of a new mobile app called LinkUp Taxi Mobile App Service. Currently, Seychelles does not have a central call centre or a taxi service company that can help people order a taxi. Instead, its drivers work independently at different taxi stands across the country. 

Clients can now order and pay for a taxi service using their smartphones through the app. It will help make it easier for people to move around the country. According to Trevor Cupidon, the company’s CEO, the app will help create a link between clients and services, including taxis, which is the first service we are launching with the app.  

LinkUp Taxi Mobile App Service was developed by Cupidon and his partner in the US. It can be downloaded for free on the Google Play and Apple App stores. According to Cupidon, the service will only be available to registered taxi operators in Seychelles. This will give them faster access to their clients. 

Due to the number of issues that taxi drivers in Seychelles face, the company decided to allow them to be the first ones to use the app. The high price of a taxi in Seychelles has been one of the main complaints about the service. According to Cupidon, the app will help set a fixed price for each kilometer. It will also allow clients to pay with cash or on their phones.  

Although the app was initially launched for taxi rides, it will eventually allow users to order other services such as food, medicine, and grocery delivery. People can also request the delivery of documents, letters, and other items from their homes to other addresses. 

LinkUp Taxi Mobile App Service

How It Works

Firstly, Download LinkUp Taxi Mobile App Service

-Login OR Register
Login to the app using your social media credentials or name, mobile number and email address. 

-Choose Service
Choose the service that you wish to use and book the same payment by choosing from modes like cash, card or wallet. 

-Track Your Job
As soon as you book a cab/service/delivery order the users can track the delivery driver on a real-time basis in graphical icon form via in-app notifications. 

-It’s Done!!
A user is notified when the trip/task is accomplished. The app asks for the review and rating of the driver/provider/store after the end of the order/ride request. 

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