Top 5 Things to do in Au Cap

Written by on 13th April 2023

TOP 5 Things to Do in Au Cap

Looking for things to do in Au Cap? We have listed below the TOP 5 Things to do in Au Cap, Seychelles. Au Cap is a residential area with beautiful shallow warm beaches, a few guesthouses, and some local shops and restaurants. The district is known for its scenic beauty and tranquil surroundings.

Maison Marengo is the best place to dine in Au Cap, Seychelles.

Set in beautiful gardens, Maison Marengo is a great restaurant located at the Craft Village, Domain de Val Des Pres, Au Cap.

Maison Marengo is a restaurant located in Au Cap along the main road. It is known for serving traditional Creole cuisine made with fresh, local ingredients. The restaurant is located in a historic colonial building, which gives it a unique and charming atmosphere. One of the highlights of dining at the restaurant is the wine selection. Maison Marengo has an extensive wine list that features some of the best wines from around the world.

Maison Marengo is a popular dining destination for both locals and tourists in Seychelles. The restaurant has received many positive reviews for its delicious food, friendly service, and reasonable prices.  Therefore, if you’re interested in trying traditional Seychellois cuisine during your visit to Seychelles, Maison Marengo is definitely worth a visit.

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Glacis La Reserve Nature Trail

Glacis La Reserve Nature Trail is a hiking trail located on the Montagne Posée road (- 7GV2+75W, Anse Boileau/Au Cap). The trail offers visitors an opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the island. This includes its lush forests, unique flora and fauna, and stunning viewpoint of the coastline.

Glacis La Reserve Nature Trail is a great way to experience the natural beauty of Seychelles.  It’s an easy trail, it’s a popular activity for both locals and tourists alike. It is recommended to wear comfortable walking shoes, bring plenty of water, and be prepared for a rewarding hike.

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Takamaka Rum Tasting

Go visit the home of the famous Takamaka Rum through a tour and have your taste buds excited with flavours! Takamaka Rum is a rum distillery located at La Plaine St Andre.

This is an incredibly significant heritage site that features its own museum, a medicinal garden, and historical ruins. 

In addition to producing rum, Takamaka also operates a cocktail bar and food truck.  Another great reason to visit to sample their rum and enjoy the local cuisine.  You can also take advantage of the distillery’ tours and tastings. Giving you a chance to see behind-the-scenes look at the rum-making process.

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Domaine de Val des Pres – Craft Village

Domaine de Val des Pres is a traditional Creole Craft village situated behind Maison Marengo. It aims to promote the Seychellois cultural heritage by re-creating the Traditional Creole Village depicting the various activities that may be found in a traditional estate. Every Tuesday to Saturday- 9 am -5 pm


Visit the beaches in Au Cap

On the East side of Au Cap, there are flat, shallow warm beaches along the main road. It features a lot of palm trees and shade, as well as views of massive boulders. The two best beaches are Turtle Bay and Au Cap Beach opposite La Plaine St Andre. These beaches are great prospects for families who have children looking for a relaxing beach day. Because the water on the beaches tends to be shallow and very still, it perfect for the kids. 

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