What’s On this Weekend 19th – 21st of April 2024 What are your plans for the upcoming weekend? Here are some wonderful recommendations for your time in Seychelles. Inside Seychelles is your guide to what’s on, where to go, and what to do in Seychelles. Friday the 19th of April 2024 – Weekend Celebrations! What’s […]

Shenseea Live in Seychelles With the warmth of the Bahamas still lingering in her heart, Shenseea turned to her Instagram family in mid-February, seeking their travel wisdom. “Had the best time in Bahamas – Which country should I visit next?” she inquired, igniting a flurry of suggestions. Among the myriad of responses, one destination stood […]

Annual Festivals in Seychelles Do you know how Seychelles is not just about stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters? It’s also packed with vibrant festivals that give you a taste of its rich culture and traditions! Locals and visitors come together to celebrate in the most colourful and lively ways. Here are some of the festivals […]

Seychelles plans to establish a regional aquaculture centre of excellence Seychelles is making big moves in aquaculture! The country’s aquaculture facility is set to become a centre of excellence in the region. They just opened the first Containerised Echinoderm Hatchery, a top-notch facility, earlier this year. It’s all part of their plan to shift from […]

Aldabra Atoll in Seychelles is designated Important Shark and Ray Area Hey, did you hear the news about Aldabra Atoll? It’s just been recognized as an Important Shark and Ray Area (ISRA) by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Species Survival Commission shark specialist group. According to the Seychelles Islands Foundation (SIF), Aldabra’s […]

Inside Seychelles Photos of the Month March 2024 Seychelles truly captivates with its photogenic charm! From iconic landmarks to breathtaking landscapes, here’s a glimpse of the stunning snapshots we discovered in the month of March 2024 for our ‘Photos of the Month’ feature on Instagram! Connect with us on Instagram by following @insideseychelles or join […]

eat & sip at laïla resort Drawing inspiration from the diverse flavors of the island and the adventurous souls who roam its shores, laïla craft a bounty of culinary delights. Their approach is sincere, prioritizing warmth and genuine hospitality. From delightful dining experiences at Laroul Restaurant to customizable picnics for your explorations, they cater to […]

Moutya Pti Mimi: Keeping The Seychellois Culture Alive, One Dance at a Time In the heart of Seychelles amidst tropical paradise, three Seselwa best friends; Frances, Emmaline, and Emelie decided to pursue their mission to keep the traditions of Seychelles alive through the mesmerizing art of dance. After being approached to perform alongside well-known Seychellois […]

16 young environmentalists selected for SOSF camp on Seychelles’ D’Arros Island Sixteen young local environmental activists are set to embark on an enriching experience at a week-long environmental camp on D’Arros, one of the Seychelles’ Outer Islands, next month. According to the Save Our Seas Foundation(SOSF) in a communique on Wednesday, the young people were chosen […]

Sustainability for Seychelles to expand air quality monitoring Sustainability for Seychelles (S4S), a non-governmental organisation, intends to expand on the air quality monitoring project it started last November to gain a clearer picture of how good the island nation’s air quality is and determine where action should be taken. One of the board members of S4S, […]

Seychelles aiming for medals at African Games The Seychelles delegation that will be heading to the Accra, Ghana, for the African Games, have been given their official send-off with the aim of bringing back gold. The sending-off ceremony took place last Monday evening at the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort, in the presence of the […]

Seychellois Artist Leon Radegonde Exhibits New Works on Slavery and Poverty A solo exhibition showing various aspects of Seychellois culture and history done by well-known contemporary artist Leon Radegonde opened at the National Art Gallery in the Seychelles National Library on Friday. Radegonde told SNA that it took over six years to complete this cycle […]

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