What to pack for your Seychelles trip

Written by on 26th April 2022

What to pack for your Seychelles trip.

Besides the usual things you take on holiday – here are some things to consider what to pack for your Seychelles trip



Need to make sure you have all your travel documents ready.
Passport, Travel Insurance, and Health Insurance
Hotel booking document and Transfer Document printed copies
Driving License as you can rent a car on Mahe and Praslin Island.
Sailing or Skippers Licence
Diving Certificates unless you are planning to take a dive course in Seychelles.
Note ** In Seychelles, no fishing license is required for recreational fishing.

Which driving-license do I need in Seychelles? If you’re planning on driving a car in Seychelles, then you need to bring your international or national driving license. You must be 21 years old to drive a car.


How much money and what currency to take to Seychelles? As there are plenty of activities and restaurants with varied cuisine on the islands, so be sure to have enough money for meals and drinks. All major credit/debit cards are accepted along with US$, €, £.

Where can I exchange money in Seychelles? You can use a bureau de change there is at the airport as well as around the island. There are multiple ATMs at the airport and at various other points on all three main islands.

Sun protection

Add sunscreen with the highest protection factor along with sunglasses and a hat (a cap or a bandana) to the list. Use a sunscreen that will not damage corals. If you coming for a fishing/sailing or boating holiday, bring an appropriate loose-fitting, long-sleeved, or UV bathing shirt that will protect you and your skin from the sun and help maintain your energy. It is also recommended if you planning on doing some water sports and snorkelling.

Everything for the beach

Beach Towels, Swim Suit
Toto/Backpack or Beach bag
Waterproof bags (especially comes in handy when taking small boat trips between islands)
Reusable Water Bottle

Sport Gear

Fishing equipment, scuba diving gear. Snorkelling gear with fins. Surf/Body Board.

Air Seychelles offers free allowances for sporting equipment that’s not exceeding 10 kilograms. Otherwise, there are places to buy or rent gear for your holiday.

What to wear?

Flip-flops or Sandals
Trekking Shoes and clothes if you planning a hike.
Water/Rock Shoes
Light and comfortable clothing: shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, summer clothes, etc.
A smart piece of clothing for evening meals in a luxury hotel or resort

Does it get cold in Seychelles? For most visitors, the Climate in Seychelles is not suited for long-sleeved shirts and trousers. It is always nice and hot and humid even in the evenings or when it rains.

For your Health and Beauty

This is a tropical island so be assured to pack your preferred Insect repellent
Aftersun to take care of your skin after sun exposure.
Medicines like painkillers, antihistamine tablets/creams, and anti-nausea tablets especially if you tend to get seasick on boating trips.

The 3 main islands all have pharmacies on them if anything else is required unless you have preferred brands best to bring your own as your specific brand might not be available.


Camera/ Waterproof camera / Drone
Power bank
Power Adapter (British 3-pin system)
Charges and cables for all your devices.
Torch for night biking on La Digue

Extra Tips

If you’re planning on travelling during your wintertime, we highly recommend carrying a summer outfit with you. This will allow you to get changed on the plane before you land in Seychelles and visa versa.

Umbrella or Rain Jacket so you don’t get caught off guard

Spandex Shorts – for most water sports activities and hiking. Underneath those shorts take the advice and get yourself a pair of spandex shorts. Don’t laugh; you will thank us later. These dry faster than anything on the market and help to keep out salt crystals and other small particles that can find their way into sensitive areas and cause serious chafing.

Seychelles Travel Information
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