Customs Formalities for Seychelles

Written by on 27th February 2024

Customs Formalities for Seychelles

Duty-free allowances for passengers entering Seychelles

Please assure that you follow the Customs Formalities for Seychelles as follows;

– 200 cigarettes or 250g of tobacco
– 2 liters of alcohol, containing less than or equal to 16% alcohol (such as beer, wine, and sparkling wine)
– 2 liters of alcohol, containing more than 16% alcohol (such as whisky, rum, gin, and fermented or distilled liqueur)
– 200ml of Perfume or Eau de Toilette
– Electronic leisure equipment for personal use


Prohibited items in Seychelles

-Endangered species and products thereof
-Counterfeit goods
-Explosive material
-Radioactive material
-Birds of any kind


Restricted items in Seychelles

-Currency – Local currency of up to SCR 2,000 (no limit on foreign currency)
-Pets – Domestic animals will not be admitted if the length of the stay is under 6 months.
Valid vaccination certificates with proof of rabies vaccination and an animal health certificate are required.
Quarantine is required and the time of the quarantine depends on the country of origin of the animal.
Additional certification may be required, please contact your pet travel agency.
-Weapons, blades, and ammunition only with a special permit
-Plants, animals, or any parts or products thereof only permission from the Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources
-Foodstuff with permission from the Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources contact
-Personal goods worth up to SCR 3000 (foodstuff is included in the allowance)

If you do not follow Customs Formalities for Seychelles, anything beyond this is taxed in the local currency and must be paid in cash on the spot (credit card payment is not possible).

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