Free Man – Zonm Lib

Written by on 13th June 2022

The monument before it was moved to its current location

Zonm Lib – Free Man

The Zonm Lib (Free Man) or also Liberation Monument represents a major political milestone in the history of Seychelles. It is a powerful symbol of the people of Seychelles who revolted against colonial oppression on June 5, 1977. 

The metal statue used to stand behind the People’s Stadium on 5th of June Avenue and is now in front of the Communication Center (ICCS), near the United Seychelles party building. The figure shown here is a muscular man with raised arms and fists, who is free from chains. It shows victory and triumph over oppression. 

The Liberation Monument was inaugurated in 1978 by the President of the Second Republic, who dedicated it to the martyrs of the Revolution. In March 1989 marble steps were added to the granite base on which it stands, flanked by the national flag. Since 1978, every June 5th is a national holiday, when wreaths and flowers are laid down by dignitaries and the population at ‘Zonm Lib’. In the aftermath of multi-party democracy, this monument symbolises the spirit of revolutionary fervour and the will of the people of Seychelles to keep the flag of peace, harmony and freedom flying in the future. 

Address: Maison du Peuple, Victoria, Mahé

Location: Bois de Rose Avenue, Victoria (-4.682668, 55.480396)


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