Independence Day in Seychelles 2023

Written by on 24th June 2023

Independence Day in Seychelles

This Thursday, 29th of June Seychelles is celebrating 47 years of Independence and you are invited to join the celebrations!!

We’ve gathered all the information that you will need to know for this National Day Celebration!

As it is a Public Holiday, most businesses will be closed as friends and families gather for spirited picnics and BBQs on the beaches and in the parks. The streets of Victoria and buildings everywhere are adorned with the bright colours of the Seychelles flag.

Independence Day anniversary is celebrated with great displays of pride and patriotism throughout the city. The streets  are decorated with the bright colours of the Seychelles flag.  And expect the skies light up at night due to the fascinating fireworks.

Please check out our events page  for details of all the events happening across Seychelles to celebrate Independence Day.

Thought out the capital and across the islands you will see great celebrations and everyone on the islands are encouraged to join in the festivities and will find themselves welcomed in a typical display of Creole hospitality.

National Day Parade in Victoria – Mahe

The parade will take place on Independence day  – highlighted by the arrival of the president. The event typically lasts about 1 and a half hours.  The whole event is aired live on local TV channels SBC and TeleSesel.  

The parade route will commence at the “Stade Popiler” car park then turn right up by the Clock Tower and continue down Independence Ave.  Twenty-two personal and seventeen asset platoons will be on display on the momentous occasion. 

You can also expect a spectacular show of colours of the Seychellois culture whilst dancing to traditional music. Performers will be performing moves from various dances such as, ‘moutya’, ‘sega’, ‘tinge’, ‘madilo’ and ‘kantmole’.

Please note that the roads in the area of the parade will be closed during and  after the parade is complete.  Meanwhile, the police will be out in force to guide drivers and motorists during the different celebrations and members of the public are being encouraged as much as possible not to come into the town area in their vehicles but to find parking spaces on the outskirts of the town area.


SPTC Bus Schedule for National Day


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