Miss Regatta

About The Pageant and Meet the Contestants Miss Regatta Seychelles is an annual beauty pageant held as part of the Seychelles Regatta Festival. The pageant is open to young Seychellois women between the ages of 18 and 35. Miss Regatta Seychelles also serves as a platform for promoting Seychelles’ tourism industry and showcasing the country’s […]

Register for Miss Regatta 2023 MISS REGATTA 2023 – That’s right, Miss Regatta is back! Register for Miss Regatta 2023 TODAY! The deadline is Extended till the 14th of May 2023. Round Table Seychelles is currently seeking talented Seychellois ages 18–35 who have a flair for the fabulous and a passion for pageantry. Apply by […]

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