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Where is Seychelles located?  Where is Seychelles located? Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean, the country of Seychelles is a small island nation that is bordered by Madagascar and Somalia. It is the nearest foreign city to Somalia’s capital city of Mogadishu. Seychelles lies between approximately 4ºS and 10ºS and 46ºE and 54ºE The […]

National Public Holidays in Seychelles At Inside Seychelles, you can get all your Travel Information. Here is a list of the National Public Holidays in Seychelles.  1st January: New Year’s Day 2nd January: Public Holiday Easter: Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are all holidays 1st May: Labour Day Variable: Feast of Corpus Christi […]

There are several banks in Seychelles including Absa bank and MCB Bank. With ATM machines around the country it is easy to access cash whenever you need. You won’t we able to buy Seychelles Rupees outside the Seychelles, but most hotels, restaurants and shops will accept visa and mastercard and some places will accept US$ […]

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