Together Far Apart – UN Podcast Seagrass

Inside Seychelles 12th April 2022


Seagrass, what’s it all about?

Together Far Apart, is a podcast about the shared challenges of communities that may be far apart on the globe but are united in their hopes and ambitions for a brighter future.

Together Far Apart is by the United Nations Office for the Most Vulnerable States (UN-OHRLLS),

In this episode of the Together Far Apart podcast of UN Moves we hear from Stacey and Zoe, two Seychelloise business students, who are passionate about climate change and the sustainability of their Island Nation. Through their interviews with a policy maker, a marine biologist, and the leader of an environmental conservation organization, we learn about the challenges associated with a more acidic ocean, as well as a promising local solution that is being rolled out: why investing in seagrass can make a big difference. This episode also features a national campaign that successfully engaged young people in the fight against climate change and added a brand new word to the Seychellois Creole dictionary.



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