Love is in the air…

Written by on 10th February 2023

Love is in the air… will you be using a facemask?  

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching which means that it is time to start planning how you will spoil and spend time with that special someone in your life! Before making a decision, ensure that you know what makes your partner feel loved!  

Here are some ideas on what you can do for Valentine’s Day to ensure that you are ‘speaking’ your partner’s love language instead of singing the single blues.  



Sometimes gift-giving can be a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be when you have the ultimate list to choose from. There is something exciting about receiving a perfectly packaged velvet box which reveals a uniquely stunning piece of jewellery. From bracelets and earrings to necklaces, there is a piece to suit your lovers’ preferences. 

If you are planning on popping a bottle of bubbly along with the big question which ends in “I do”, Swarovski has the most gorgeous range of rings for you. Perhaps you want to unleash your partner’s sweet, sensual or playful side. A heavenly perfume or gorgeous gift set from Adopt Parfums is sure to get them into a loving mood. 

There’s always a sense of excitement when receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers, especially if is unexpectedly delivered to you at work or home. Choose the perfect bouquet on WOW Delivery and have them do all the surprise work for you. You can’t forget about the essential treats for a romantic evening. Mamma Mia has a range of chocolates, prosecco and wine which will make your Valentine’s Day extra bubbly. Why not buy matching couple beach robes from Arzi for a couple of goal pictures? After all, those who slay together, stay together. 

Quality time

Don’t you just love spending time with your partner, but at times you run out of ideas about what to do and where to go? Luckily, Club Liberte Casino and 5 Spice Restaurant are open for a lovely dinner and dance.

Or you could show off your cooking skills, order your groceries from WOW Delivery and create a home-cooked meal together. If you’re feeling a little spontaneous, create a snack basket with goodies from Mamma Mia and go for a beach picnic and swim!   

Acts of service

Sometimes your partner needs you to do thoughtful things for them in order to feel truly loved and cared for. Why not organise an entertainment-filled date at Club Liberte Casino… start off with some cocktails, indulge in the best sushi on the island and then end the night off with some gambling fun. Maybe you will become a winner twice over.

Set the table, light the candles and place a ready-made meal from WOW or Mamma Mia in the oven or pull on your apron and cook up a storm in the kitchen.

You could also find a way to help your partner make a difference with something that they are passionate about. This could involve volunteering at the SSPCA or Pet Haven, taking a dog for a walk or fostering an animal together   

Physical touch

What better way to relax together than in the comfort of your own home? Using products from Adopt, you can create the perfect spa-like experience. Candles, body lotions, scrubs, nail polishes, hydrating facemasks and nail products. Give each other a much-needed massage and pamper one another with facials, manis and pedis.

Book a night’s stay at beautiful hotels such as Story Seychelles and Fishermans Cove Resort. Where you wake up to unforgettable sunrises accompanied by the sound of the ocean. If your partner is a movie fan, find some snacks and comfortable space. Throw together some pillows and comfy blankets and collectively choose something to watch.   

Words of affirmation

Whatever you do together, make sure that you tell them how you feel about them or write them a sincere card in whereby you express your love for them.  

Love is in the air… will you be wearing a facemask?  

If you are feeling rather bitter and answered yes, we not only have a way to make your Valentine’s Day better but zoo animals too.  

For as little as $5, You can support The San Antonio Zoo’s ‘Cry Me a Cockroach’ annual Valentine’s Day fundraiser. In exchange for the $5, you are able to name a cockroach, rodent or veggie after the person of your choice, which they will then feed to one of the zoo’s resident animals.

Written by Chloe & Zoe


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