a Day of Disaster in Seychelles

Written by on 7th December 2023

a Day of Disaster in Seychelles – 7th December 2023


State of Emergency announced in Seychelles.

Early on Thursday 7th December 2023, a huge explosion ripped through the Providence area of Seychelles main island Mahe.

Providence, which is predominantly a business and industrial area suffered severe damage with buildings destroyed, windows to buildings blown out and damage strewn across the streets.

The cause of the explosion is believed to be from a container full of explosives, held by the CCCL company, which uses the explosives at the quarry nearby.

The area has been sealed off by police as they carry out their investigations and forensic searches.  The state of emergency is due to stay enforced for at least the next 24 hours

Several people are believed to have been injured in the incident but no fatalities have been confirmed to date.

The same evening, a torrential downpour occurred, causing extensive power failures, flooding, and significant damage to roads and residences throughout the entire island but mainly the north of Mahe was affected. Unfortunately, the Seychelles Police Force confirmed the tragic loss of a mother and child whose house collapsed during the heavy rains.

There was damage to Seychelle’s main airport yesterday, but both local and international flights are operational. Nevertheless, it is recommended to verify with your travel company before heading to the airport due to anticipated delays. Please note that none of the retail outlets will be open.

NOTICE**** SEBS Hotline service is currently out of order. If there are any queries concerning your Travel Authorization applications, Embarkation or Disembarkation forms please contact +248 2 516 686 or email support@govtas.com

A State of Emergency has been declared by the government, with instructions for all residents on Mahe to remain at home. Schools and businesses are closed as a precautionary measure.

Seychelles Declares state of emergency

A Public Health Alert has been issued, advising people to refrain from entering the sea, particularly in the popular tourist area of Beau Vallon, due to the presence of sewage in the water.

Follow Seychelles Police for information

Managing Seychelles Disaster Situation

Disaster Fund for Seychelles

One of the offices situated in close proximity to the explosion site…

An assortment of videos and photos compiled by an unknown individual documented the disastrous day in Seychelles. These visual records provide a glimpse into the extent of destruction caused by the explosion and floods, offering insight into the magnitude of the events that unfolded on that fateful day.



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