Things to do when it rains in Seychelles

Written by on 18th June 2023

Things to do when it rains in Seychelles 

In Seychelles we have beautiful tropical rainy days – That is why we have beautiful green lush vegetation everywhere all year round. Some days it can be a stormy rainy day whereas others are sunny with mini showers throughout the day and night. Here’s things to do when it rains in Seychelles 


Spa Day in Seychelles 

All around the 3 main islands, there are many places that offer Spa treatments, so on those rainy days in Seychelles book your partner and self or family for a Spa Day and feel refreshed and relaxed for the rest of the holidays.  


Cooking & Art Classes in Seychelles 

Another thing to do on those beautiful tropical rainy days is to learn how to make Local and International Dishes as there are many Hotels and private companies that offer cooking classes for both Local and International Cuisine.  

Seychelles has local craft workshops from learning how to create your own pottery & ceramic art to Kapatya (Coconut Leave weaving). We have wood, bamboo, and coconut shell carving specialists teaching you how to create some of your own souvenirs to take home.  


Bars, Cafes and Restaurants in Seychelles 

All around the Islands, there are many places to grab a bite, have a cocktail/coffee or try the best local dishes the island has got to offer.  


Go to the Casinos in Seychelles 

There are a few casinos in Seychelles that offers all kinds of entertainment for you. From Table games to slot machines with amazing lounges and live entertainment at night.  


Night Clubs and Live Entertainment 

At night there are lively Night Clubs with Live Entertainment and DJs. We keep our audience updated via our events page –> What’s On Inside Seychelles. This is the best way to mix with the local people and see how they enjoy their nightlife.  


Art Galleries, Souvenirs and Museums in Seychelles 

Seychelles has got Beautiful Art Galleries all around the islands where you can view the best art from local artists. Go do some Souvenir shopping for yourself, friends and family while it is raining.  

While it is raining it is the best time to go view all the museums to learn more about the history and culture in Seychelles. 


Book Store (Local and International)  

Like to read while it is raining outside but forgot to pack your book. Seychelles has bookstores in town (mainly Victoria on Mahe) where you can purchase international books as well as some local ones and enjoy the sound of the rain while you read your favourite book. 


Takamaka Rum Indoor Tour  

When it rains you can visit the inside of At La Plaine St Andre – Home of the Takamaka Rum, they offer daily tours to locals and tourists of the home where one of the best local rums is made. La Plaine St. André is more than a distillery! It’s an iconic heritage site that is home to its very own museum, and you can join its famous rum tasting. 



Book a seat at the Cinema for you and your family or friends and enjoy watching a movie on the big screen indoors.


Go Explore the Tropical Rain Forests and waterfalls

If you love tropical rain – get out and take a walk in the rain forest as you would enjoy the quietness it offers while you listen to the raindrops (with or without an umbrella). This is a must for any person who enjoys rainy tropical weather.

Here are some things to be cautious of when it rains in Seychelles.  

It will be advisable not to swim when the sea is rough while it rains as we have some strong currents without any warning. It can also be dangerous to go for a hike while it rains as the land is wet and you are walking on steep hills, so it is advisable to only go hiking when the treks are dry for your own safety. Just be cautious when it rains whilst driving in Seychelles as the roads are narrow and curvy especially over the mountains to get to the other side of the island. If you are walking in the rain, be sure to watch out for drivers passing by the puddles, so they don’t splash you full of muddy water.  


Inside Seychelles is your guide to what’s on, where to go, and what to do in Seychelles – Click on the link below and be sure to stay up to date with all upcoming events and activities in Seychelles.   



Inside Seychelles is your guide to what’s on in Seychelles, where to go in Seychelles, and what to do in Seychelles 

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