Glacis Trois Frères Trail

Written by on 7th June 2022

Length: 1.4km
Duration: 30-45min one way
Difficulty: Medium
Location: On Sans Soucis Rd

Glacis Trois Frères Trail

From the residential area, the path goes left into the forest. It then goes uphill and through a moderate slope. One of the first overlooks is located on the right, and it offers a view of the Victoria port and Sainte Anne Island. When you carry on the path it goes into the forest once again. The path under your feet leads to a large stone wall. On the left, a spring flows from the wall, providing a refreshing drink. Unless you’re informed otherwise, the water is still drinkable. The hike continues atop shaped granite blocks that act as paving stones. The climb in this section is very steep.

Glacis Trois Frères Nature Trail


At the end of Glacis Trois Frères Nature Trail, you will experience the wonderful panorama view over Victoria and its surroundings, seen from a point that can be reached with little difficulty in less than an hour. On the top of the glacis, you will need to pay careful attention to the signs. You must head to your right, following the symbol for the overlook. DO NOT take the left-hand trail.

Adventure junkies can go beyond the endpoint of this trail to scale to the Trois Frères Cross which is located at a higher altitude, but this is advised only for experienced hikers. Many years ago a catholic pilgrimage has been held there for many years during the Easter celebrations. The Cross is a traditional pilgrimage site for the catholic community on Good Friday.

Glacis Trois Frères Nature Trail

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  1. Fiona   On   13th June 2022 at 7:05 AM

    Did this wallk yesterday with friends. The beginning was easy but heading to the top was tough going . Espically with my little legs !!!!

    The very top is a lot of big rocks and would advise you go with friends for safety. But reaching the cross at the top gives amazing views. A tough hike but worth it

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